‘Brings your sail      
back in shape’
Over 25 years experiance in cleaning and coating

Sail Cleaner van den Anker

We offer services for cleaning and coating of your sails, boat covers, sun protection, tents, and related products.

To extend the life of a sail, boat cover, sun protection and tents, it is important to maintain them properly. We make your canvases free of mold, feces from animals and salt stains. After cleaning we can protect your cloths with a special coating, so that the cloths are again highly resistant to water and dirt.

Our company has over twenty years of experience in cleaning and coating of water sports related articles, awning and sun protection. Previously, we performed our activities under the name Belser Conditioning. Since the end of 2016 we have decided to continue our activities under the new name "Zeilwasserij van den Anker". Obviously with the quality and reliability that our regular customers are used to. At the same time, we trust that we can be of even better service with this breath of fresh air.

‘Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about our working method or to schedule an appointment’