Ankkuri Sail Refit

The Ankkuri Sail Refit regeneration process aims to restore the profile, to improve the rigidity and fabric structure and to enhance its protective mechanisms. This process can only be used with Dacron and laminate sails with tafetta. The sail is first treated like all other sails. After washing and drying the sail is treated with our special Ankkuri Sail Refit system. For the regeneration purpose, both sides will be treated with a specifically designed coating to ensure maximum permeation of the fabric. This modern textile treatment and bonding process will restore the sail’s profile (camber) and fabric tension. The sail will also feel more rigid. Then it is fixated again to dry and harden.

‘A modern textile treatment in which the sail largely regains its profile and tissue tension.’

After the treatment, your sail will be considerably more aerodynamic than it was beforehand. Our coating adds a new outer layer to the sail, which will increase its water and dirt repellent qualities and prolong your sail’s life span.

The Ankkuri Sail Refit regeneration process is a manual process during which every part of the sail is handled separately several times and which is 100% non-shrink. After each process, the sail is dried and fixated several times, which will take 3-5 days in all.

Each step of our cleaning process is supervised. Cleaning the sail manually allows us to assess locally which specific treatments are required to restore the sail’s top condition. By determining the intensity of the cleaning process for each sail separately, it maintains its fabric structure and rigidity.