Dirty sun protection, cover or awning?

You can also come to us for cleaning your sun protection, parasol, escape screens, folding arms, advertising canopy. You are also at the right address for awnings, inner tents and awnings.
The moment your sun protection or tent is exposed to the weather it can be affected (fungi and algae). As a result, it will lose its important, protective function. The appearance will also be less attractive under the influence of sun and weather influences, and will eventually lose in quality. Our washing process is aimed at eliminating these disadvantages for you in one wash.


First, the parts to be cleaned go into a temperature controlled (never higher than 35 degrees), soaking bath for at least 24 hours, with a specially developed detergent.
The next step is a thorough visual inspection to determine which cleaning agents are needed to remove any mold or other surface dirt that may be present. After having it rinsed, it is checked whether the maximum effect has been achieved and the fabric will be hung for a long time to dry.
After the drying time, the outside can be provided with a new protective layer by applying a coating. This coating provides an optimal water-repellent and dirt-resistant layer and, without leaving any traces (on any possible windows), will dry out transparently.


Because we do not carry out the washing process with machines but do all the actions manually, we can guarantee that your cloth will be treated with care and attention. During the washing process, stitches, windows and the fabric will not be unnecessarily taxed and thus remain optimally protected.

Work process

Due to the personal attention and the intensive process, it is best to take into account that the processing time will take between 3 and 5 days on average. In the winter months we aim to have goods processed within two months.