Clean, strengthen and shape your sail.


First, the sail is soaked (for at least 24 hours) in a special bath, with our own washing detergent. Next, any residual dirt is manually cleaned in several steps. The entire cleaning process never involves machines that can affect or damage the sail’s quality. Finally, the sail is rinsed and dried.


After washing you can choose to have the sail coated. To repair the sail, it is treated with a coating developed by us on both sides to ensure complete penetration of the tissue. The sail becomes clearly more aerodynamic than in the condition it was in before treatment. By using our coating it also creates a new top layer on the sail, which increases water-repellent and dirt-resistant properties and the lifespan of your sail increases.

All steps of our cleaning process take place under a constant control. By manual processing of the sail it can be determined on site which specific actions are needed to get the sail back in top condition. By assessing the intensity of the cleaning process per sail, it retains its weave structure and strength.

Repair your sail in time

Sails, of which the protection and stiffness are repaired in time, guarantee longer sailing fun with the same haptics and optics.
The moment to restore sails is when the firmness decreases. The water is rejected less well and the sail cracks when it is folded. The recovery of a used sail provides more profile, strength, haptics and protection. All the qualities that you can expect from a good sail. The treatment of the resistant dacron fabric ensures that your sail is in perfect order for many years!

Ready for a new season

After preparing your ship for the winter, do not wait too long to bring along your sails. Because most sails are repaired during the winter period, we use a clear and tight schedule. So you are assured of a perfect sail at the start of a new season!

Purpose of cleaning and protection
  • Impeccable appearance,
  • A white sail, free of mould and mildew,
  • Highly water and dirt repellent,
  • A quick-drying surface,
  • Virtually impenetrable fabric,
  • Low-maintenance sail,
  • A better distribution of the resin treatment.
Strengthening and haptic perception
  • Sealing the fabrics matrix anew will improve textile tension,
  • Increased strength against diagonal pressure,
  • Optimised stretching,
  • More rigid, stronger sails,
  • A surface that feels like new,
  • Increased form stability.
Aerodynamics and performance
  • Regeneration of profile depth and length,
  • Optimised luff and foot tension,
  • Less heel and weather helm,
  • Delayed reefing in strong winds,
  • Improved profile production in lighter winds,
  • Waterproof in the rain.