Cleaning your boat cover

The purpose of your boat cover, sprayhood or cover tent is to protect you and your gear on board from outside influences such as water and wind. At the moment your boat cover is exposed to these influences your boat cover can be damaged (fungi and algae). As a result, it will lose its important, protective function. The appearance of the hood will also look less beautiful under the influence of sun and weather influences and ultimately lose quality. Our washing process is aimed at all of these disadvantages for your cover in one wash to lift.


The Ankkuri Sail Refit regeneration process is a manual process in which each sail is processed several times, per side, several times and becomes 100% shrink-free. After each treatment, the sail is dried and fixed several times; the entire process therefore takes an average of 3 to 5 days.


Because we do not carry out the washing process with machines but do the whole process manually, we can guarantee that your boat cover is treated with care and attention. During the washing process, stitches, windows and the fabric will not be unnecessarily taxed and thus remain optimally protected.

„Annual maintenance significantly prolongs the life of your boat cover, don't wait too long.

Work process

Because of the personal attention paid to each pool cover, sprayhood or tarpaulin and the intensive process, it is best to take into account that the processing time will last on average 3 to 5 days. In the winter months we try to process the goods within two months.


Despite frantic efforts to prevent it, it is important to realize that a fungus can always come back. After all, it is a kind of mushroom that sometimes just comes from a different boat or jetty. Regularly wiping with a microfibre cloth with natural vinegar (never with a biological detergent) of your boat cover, mildew and algae growth will slow down considerably and will not affect the tissue.

Be on time!

Do not wait too long to bring your boat cover to us when you notice dirt. We advise you to have your boat cover checked annually. A thorough maintenance considerably extends the life of your boat cover.